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Better Economy - We should structure the taxes to where the locals and homeowners pay less taxes while outside investors and tourists are paying more of the taxes. HECO should have legislative limits on their prices. 


Safer Neighborhoods - We should increase the security presence in our neighborhoods and utilize the police to reduce crime.

Faster Commutes - We should reduce traffic and finish the rail. 


Education - Teachers should be paid well. The DOE needs our focus. Vouchers should be an option for parents choosing private, charter, or homeschool for their children. 

Homeless -When necessary, we should use the police to enforce vagrancy laws. For the existing homeless, we should partner with the university medical units to diagnose and treat them. The non-profits in the state can educate and train them.

Cheaper Housing - We should continue developing neighborhoods like Hoopili to provide cheaper housing for locals. Only Hawaii residents should be permitted to buy residential homes in Oahu.

Community - Families are the foundation of our neighborhoods. 


Business Freedom - Our people and businesses need the liberty to operate and function with freedom. 

Integrity - Our next public servant needs a moral and ethical background with honesty.  

Serenity - Neighbors are correctly voicing their concerns on fireworks and speeding near them. We desire peaceful neighborhoods and safe streets. 

Environment - We need to steward the land and ocean for the next generation. 


Change - We need a fresh and new leader from our own district to represent us.

Elect Elijah PIERICK for House of Representatives District 39 
Royal Kunia, Village Park, Kunia Gardens, Kunia Palms, Leolua Vista, Leolua Regent, Kunia Terrace, West Loch Estates, West Loch Fairways, Oasis Town Homes, Harbor View, Hoopili
Ewa, Kunia, West Loch
, Waipahu, Waikele

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