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"We are the original occupants of our home since 1991. We believe in Elijah, what he will do for us, and will vote for him. We are honored to support him."


-Greg and Nora Agustin

West Loch Estates resident (Ewa Beach)

 “His plans regarding the economy are good for us, so I invite everybody to support Elijah for District 39.” 


-Leo Corcino

C&C Tax and Financial Services

Village Park resident (Waipahu)


"Elijah will represent our district very well. He is genuine and precise with his words."


-Louis DeOliver

West Loch Estates resident (Ewa Beach)

"My family and I have resided in West Loch for 23 years. Never have we ever had a candidate take time to speak to us and listen to our concerns about our district and our state. He is genuine in his desire to represent the people in our district. I am an educator who works with student government. Our focus is always about serving our student body, listening, and representing the general population well. I believe Elijah has the same focus in serving and representing District 39."


-Edna and Curtis Armacost

Teacher and West Loch Estates resident (Ewa Beach)

curtis & edna armacost.jpg
Mike--cropped head shot--Oct 2020.jpg

"I have been a resident of District 39 for twenty-four years.  I have known and worked closely with Dr. Elijah Pierick for many years now.  He is a brilliant man of complete integrity, who has demonstrated time and again his care for people over the many years I have known him.  He is joyful and always willing to listen to you.  I have served as a professor, mentor, fellow waterman, and friend to him—he has never disappointed me nor failed to always do his best in whatever he set his hand to.  I would trust him with my life.  Although new to politics, he comes at an essential time when our District 39 needs a man of complete honesty, who will work for our district and not for himself!  I strongly support him and have already voted for him in the primary election and will vote for him in the upcoming general election!  I recommend you do the same. Let’s kokua to get this man elected,"

-Michael J. Ward,

Adjunct PacRim Professor & Royal Kunia resident (Waipahu)

"For a young man, Elijah is well beyond his years in maturity. He is smart, capable and wants to do what's best for the people so they can be free to pursue their own dreams. I also believe he is a man of integrity who will uphold the public interest before his own." 

-Ben Tamamoto 
Business Owner, Village Park resident (Ewa Beach)



I’m giving my wholehearted endorsement to Elijah Pierick. Elijah will represent the people of his district with their values, not his own. He's a good man who just wants to serve, and I put my name behind him.

-Bob McDermott, Hawaii State Representative  

“To my beloved Kababayans (fellow Filipinos) in Waipahu and Ewa,

We are living in a very challenging time. Our country is deeply divided. Our morality is in decline. God-fearing leaders should rise up to the occasion. Dr. Elijah PIERICK is the one who should represent us in Waipahu and Ewa. My prayers and support are with him, and I urge my fellow Filipino-Americans in District 39 to do the same. Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat (Thank you so much for all of you).”

-Anthony Miranda, Former Manila, Philippines Congressman. Current Filipino-American

Anthony Miranda.jpg

"No matter what you represent as your political party, Elijah sees people as people. I know one thing for sure, Elijah has been doing good in the community, and he will continue to do so, because that is simply who he is.”


-Nikasha Banks, Business owner,

Ewa Beach voter

"My son, Elijah PIERICK, cares about Native Hawaiians and lives our values. Donʻt be fooled by the ʻili kea, he is local boy in heart and body, raised in ʻEwa. Guy can rip on the waves too. He has traveled throughout the Pacific and Asia, learning from other cultures and spreading the spirit and heart of Aloha in his volunteer work. I was there to see him receive the Aloha Spirit Award of his graduating university class.  The guy truly cares about people especially Hawaii youth and he listens well especially to kupuna. Super humble. I trust him as he is an excellent pastor and chaplain, and as one of my hānai sons. I encourage everyone in Waipahu and ʻEwa Beach to vote for him."

-Kahu Kihā Pimental, Foursquare Global Worker Director & Former Associate Supervisor for Hawaii District.


​​"I have known Elijah for 9 years. He's very active in our community. I have seen his commitment, dedication, and he stands by what he says he's going to do. If you ask him, he will show up. I do believe he will make a wonderful Representative for us in the state legislature here in Hawaii. "

-Carole Renolds, Waikele resident 

"We have to get Elijah in. We need fresh eyes, new blood, and somebody that's going to fight for you. Please vote for Elijah. "

-Augie T., City Councilor

Augie T..jpg
Gabe & Keyla.jpg

"I voted for Elijah. I've known Elijah since 2013; he's a great person. I know he's going to do great things for our community." 

-Gabriel Vergara, Hoopili Resident (Ewa), Mortgage Broker

"I am so excited! I cast my ballot yesterday and voted for Elijah because he really cares about our community, and I'm really looking forward to the great things that he's going to do."

-Keyla Vergara, Hoopili Resident (Ewa), Realtor

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Elect Elijah PIERICK for House of Representatives District 39 
Royal Kunia, Village Park, Kunia Gardens, Kunia Palms, Leolua Vista, Leolua Regent, Kunia Terrace, West Loch Estates, West Loch Fairways, Oasis Town Homes, Harbor View, Hoopili
Ewa, Kunia, West Loch
, Waipahu, Waikele

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